Located in the northwest of Madagascar, Nosy Be, the best known Malagasy Islands continued with the myth of paradise island. Nosy Be an escape on the fringes of completely wild coastlinewhere the beaches and seabed rhyme with serenity, peace and nature in the raw state. The palm forests that cover, plantations of sugar cane and ylang-ylang, the bamboo, it creates landscapesin perfect harmony.

The home of the Malagasy, the beaches, lush landscapes, fine cuisine, everything is together on this small island of less than 300 km2 to Nosy Be an exceptional place.

More than a hotel, it is above all an atmosphere that you will find daily at dusk, when the hill brings freshness and spring water, to our full of sun guests.
L’Heure Bleue is a unique moment when the light is mingled with a delirium of colors, and where “all Nosy Be” comes to meet over a drink, contemplating from the hotel terrace, the best view of the island.

Go prized of several big names in fashion, came to see the raffia from Madagascar, l’Heure Bleue is located directly on the Madirokely beach : its atmosphere is both chic and bohemian, and is the best interpretation of “cool luxury” , we find only in Nosy Be.

Relax at your rythm : far from club hotels, you will forget time, and take the course of relaxation. Perfectly located, l’Heure Bleue is also the best platform to discover all the wonders of the island of Nosy Be. Whatever your interests, we can advise you and show you the true beauty of this paradise


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